Thursday, 13 October 2016

On Adulting | Tidying Up Social Media

Image Credit Kate La Via (via Pinterest)

Have you ever stalked yourself on social media? Yes, it sounds cringey, but also it shows you what you're actually posting and talking about. It lets you see what other people see, and when I say other people, really I mean potential employers.

At my part time job yesterday I took a CV from someone. Upon handing it to the managers, they then facebook stalked him to actually see what he's like. Although they were joking, they called it 'screening'. Social media today is the main way to actually find out about someone before you meet them. I definitely used it before all of my interviews to check out the people I'd be interviewing with!

Even if you aren't trying to get a job, it's still good to make sure that your social media isn't representing you in any bad light. Don't for example, complain about your job or your co-workers. Bad days, and bad weather, sure! But the fact that Dave just got promoted over you again, probably not. It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised by the amount of things we post online that we maybe should shy away from! 

Having a great day or found a really interesting article? Share away! If you are going to post something that will make people stop and think hang on, so that's what they're like, maybe don't post it. Swearing can also come across as quite abrasive, as well as politics and all that jazz. Essentially, just make sure you'd be happy with anyone and everyone reading what you're posting! 

*Note: I am not by any means an expert in these things. However I have done a lot of research and have been in touch closely with recruitment companies so am sharing my findings!

Have you checked out your social media?

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

On Books | The Girl On The Train - Paula Hawkins

I mentioned that I had barely put this book down since getting it the other day. Quite literally. I got it last Wednesday; I finished it yesterday! I really enjoyed it and finally understand the hype! I also thought it was a great autumnal read; it isn't a cosy read, but it's definitely one that you can stay in all day when it's cold and wet and just keep reading. 

The book follows Rachel, who goes on the same trains every day and passes the same houses every day. She sees the same people and has conjured up lives and names for them as if she knows them. Her over active imagination leads her to eventually becoming involved in a murder investigation. Being an alcoholic and emotionally unstable, Rachel is quite a complex character (I can also see how Emily Blunt will be so good in this role!) Her story develops so well throughout the book as more and more of her past becomes unveiled and everything starts to make a little more sense about who she is. 

It also follows two other women, Anna and Megan. Anna is Rachel's ex-husbands new wife. Megan is one of the people Rachel sees from the train. As the book progresses, it becomes very clear that they are all in fact very much intertwined. 
The book is a thriller and gets darker and darker as it continues. I did not see the ending coming until very late in the book. But that's probably just me as I don't like to try and work out how it will end. For some people however it was probably kind of predictable, but I personally did not find that. 

The only negative comments I would make is that it is written by date, then morning and evening. This meant that sometimes I would have to turn back to see how the days were following on, especially when the narrator changed. But this was more my pedantic side than the actual writing was hard to follow. The second is that the ending does suddenly all build up, happen and then just kind of fades out. Again, this may just be me that found this, and it by no means ruined the book! 

I though that Hawkins writing was very direct and she gave the feel of each of the characters really well so that each time the narrator changed it really did seem like another person. I would definitely recommend this book; and if you're like me, read it before the film (which I cannot now wait to see!)

Have you read The Girl On The Train?

Monday, 10 October 2016

On Empties | Avon - Conditioning Eye Make Up Remover Lotion

I don't normally post negative reviews as generally I only use or buy things that I have researched or know I will like. However, I got this as part of an eye set from Avon so I just kind of ended up with it! 

I really have very little positive things to say about this make up remover! Firstly, I will put a disclaimer out there that I do not like lotions. In any way shape or form. I do not like face lotions, body lotions. Anything with the word 'lotion'. Thus, seeing as this is a make up remover lotion, it was never going to be my favourite product. If lotions are your thing, then you may get on with this one!
The product itself is very thick. And despite being predominantly aimed at eye make up remover, it just is not very good. It struggles to fully remove mascara, and you have to really scrub your skin to get any form of eyeliner off. It often left the skin around my eyes very red.
Not to mention if you use a bit too much it is very uncomfortable on your eyes! It really irritated mine and would linger in them for ages after having used it. Not at all what you want from this type of product. I would also point out that I was unaware of any 'conditioning' happening, but I am always sceptical with those kinds of words!

A note on the packaging. It does come with a rubber top so that too much shouldn't come out. However mine got stuck in the lid long ago never to come back out so you just had to sort of pour it out. Due to the shape of the bottle and the consistency of the lotion it is also very hard to get out of the bottle once you get to the last drops. These are more notes for the pedantic side but they are still worth a mention! 

Overall I would definitely not recommend this. However I would never have chosen to buy it individually; it just does not fit what I like. On that note; I did lend this to my sister whenever she was at home and she didn't really have any complaints! (Apart from the pouring fiasco). 
So if you do like lotions, and you are looking for a new eye make up remover, maybe give this one a go. (It is currently only £1.50!) But if like me you prefer your cleansers and micellar waters, definitely avoid this one!

What are your thoughts?