Sunday, 21 August 2016

On Sundays

Boyf and I sadly ended up having to chamge our plans so we have been chilling and trying to make the most of freedom! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and here are some things I've been loving lately. 

The Olympics has brought out some great photos. This one of Usain Bolt and this one of Jess Ennis Hill are brilliant.

This video of Trump supporters is ridiculous.

How jazzy is this song called Karina?!

I cannot get enough of Rosie's Instagram.

Although Summer is quickly leaving us, I loved this post for Summer reading.

Do you have runner's knee? I certainly do!

M&S have got a huge sale going on right now.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

On Korean Beauty | Too Cool For School (Samples!)

My sister recently sent me these samples of the Korean brand Too Cool For School and I am excited to try them out! I'm not going to lie; we aren't 100% sure what some of it is for! The brand aims to bring you beauty that breaks the rules, and all of the packaging is so cool (hence the name probably!)
The backs of them have really funny application uses and explains why they have the names that they have. It is all so different from what we can easily get in the UK so I am very happy with them!

Most of what I have here is from their Rules of Skincare. There is a Pore Minimising Serum, a Replenish Aqua Soft Peeling and a Replenish Hydra Essential Toner and Serum (all of which are coming soon)
There is the Juan George Llong collection for men (also coming soon). 

And then we have the tiny little pouches which I am the most excited about!
The McGirly collection uses secrets of rice wine to create cleansers. 
The Morocco Ghassoul aims to clear pores all in an ecoefficient way. 
But the most exciting: Sleeping Packs. I have Pumpkin and Fresh Gore. I don't know what these will do but I cannot wait to try them! I can only assume you apply them at night, and have good results in the morning!

The whole brand is very new and not easily available, so keep your eyes peeled!

What makes you too cool for school?

Friday, 19 August 2016

On Primark Goodies

I reallyreally like Primark Home. It is the closest thing I have to H&M Home without having to go into Central London. Primark is often considered a bit of a love it/hate it type thing, but if you really look through their products, you can find some really nice stuff!

I recently (read before and after strict spending ban) picked up these little bits and have been really loving them!

Now I am a self-confessed candle snob. I only like candles that actually smell when you burn them and that actually last for a long time.
However I really liked the smell of this one (my affinity with Pink Grapefruit goes back a long time, mainly to when I used to drink Pink Grapefruit flavoured Robinsons undiluted when I was little. I know.) This smells so good. And it smells when you burn it. And it has actually lasted probably for about 30 hours. Which for a Primark candle at only a couple of pound, I was very impressed with!
Their jars are really cute and they actually have a big candle range. I would definitely recommend if you just want some nice smelling and looking candles that don't break the bank. 

Boyf was not impressed when I showed him that I had got another mug. But. This was £2. !! I couldn't resist. It is soso cute and it is really big. Also, it is microwave and dishwasher safe, which again, for something so cheap is such good quality! A lot of my more expensive mugs lack this quality, so I couldn't not buy this one really.
I often find with cheaper mugs that they can feel a bit flimsy and be very thing, but this one is quite heavy and feels much more expensive. I no longer have the packaging but it does come in a part box/part stand thing as well which makes it seem that bit more pricey.
If cats aren't your thing, they also had some other prints. Definitely a bargain. 

So if you're heading to a Primark soon, check these out before they all go!

What would you buy?