Sunday, 28 May 2017

On Sundays

Once again, apologies for the delay. Life is busy and a pain and gets in the way. 
Happy Bank Holiday! 
What are your plans? How is your weather where you are? Have you had an obligatory Pimms yet? 

I have just been chilling; however the clouds are looming and the Sun seems to have disappeared. No matter; there is still one more day! 

Here are some things that are on my radar currently. 

As we speak I am listening to Harry Styles' new album. For those that know me, I am by no means a One Direction or et al fan, but this is good. His carpool karaoke also? A must watch. 

I got a FitBit! I love it. I have the Charge 2; hopefully more on this to come soon. 

I'm considering beginning Bullet Journalling.  

Working right around the corner from KikkiK is both a blessing and a curse.I am absolutely loving everything they are doing currently. 

I am ploughing through books right now. (Thank you long commute). I am currently reading Paula Hawkins' Into the Water. I am hooked!

I'm giving blood this week; sign up now!

Have you been to Melt Room? Such a good idea - the specials are incredible.

Slowly rediscovering my old favourite blogs: Gal Meets Glam, The College Prepster, The Londoner.

Enjoy your Bank Holiday Mondays!