Sunday, 26 February 2017

On Life

First things First. 
My sudden disappearance for about 5 months was not planned or intentional. But as Summer says in 500 Days of Summer, what happened was what always happens: Life. 

Life gets in the way. Of essentially everything. And yes we are all busy, and we all have things to do, and we all have commitments, and we all want to just do nothing sometimes. So life shouldn't really be used as an excuse. But really it is all I have. 

Working a full time job (that's more than 9-5) plus commuting takes up a significant amount of time. When it was dark as I got up and left for work, and dark as I came home it was really hard to adapt and appreciate what I was doing. I would come home, eat my dinner and not move from in front of the TV until I went to bed. 
I was exhausted and feeling very 'meh'. But now the heavy onset of winter seems to finally be fading into a more dusky morning, there quite literally is light at the end of the tunnel. I am embarking on some really exciting projects. My commuting routine is down to a T (except for of course when a strike or fault hits, then we are all in the horrendous boat of delay). 

I have always been on a 'day-to-day' basis. That hasn't particularly changed, but now my days are planned out hour by hour; my calendar is colour coordinated. 
The first 6 months of the particular industry that I am in is said to be the worst. It is claimed to be utterly horrendous when you are starting out. I am nearly at the end of that bridge and it definitely is looking up. There is purpose and reason. There are projects and rewards. The 'Sunday Scaries' still set in, but that's okay. Because on Monday morning I know I am in the exact same position as everyone else that is crammed onto a train so that they can't actually feel their hands nor are you actually carrying your bag because it is just being held up by the mobs. And time flies pretty quickly when you have too much to do. 

In other news though; I miss my blog. I miss blogging. So I am going to endeavour to return on a more regular basis. 
Because there are so many things I want to explore and share.
My new blender and how everyone needs one. 
How the last three books I have read have seen all of the main characters die (also why you should not read these kinds of books if you are not enjoying your day job).
Why working round the corner from Kikki.K, Mac and Jack Wills is a serious problem.
That my best friend had a baby
Why having a routine is beyond necessary if you have little free time. 
That Dublin is amazing and everyone should go.

So please bare with me and thank you all for still coming back despite the lack of new content. Let us all endeavour to do that bit more than just 'our daily lives' (but maybe after Monday...)