Tuesday, 31 May 2016

On The Drawing Board

Last Friday, the boyf finished his exams so we went our for some celebratory bevs. We then ended up heading the The Drawing Board for dinner. Completely unplanned by us, we gatecrashed the friends we were with and ended up having a really nice time! 

We all went for the above burger (boyf and I added bacon,of course!) which came with fries and beef and onion dripping sauce. It was all incredible! 

When I asked for Mayo this was what they brought me; how cute is it! 

As you can imagine, being called The Drawing Board, the place is full of cartoon strips, comic books and cool memorabilia. Yes those are Star Wars and Spiderman cushions. The place was done up to feel really homely, with a bar downstairs and a beer garden. 

Despite not having fully planned our trip here, it was a really nice night! They also have a humungous beverage lists; spirits, wines and beers galore. It took us ages just to decide what we were having. (Though some were a little on the pricey side). The food was amazing and the staff were all lovely as well. This place was fairly quiet for a Friday night so I would stop by before the crowds catch on! 

If you're in Leamington, I would definitely recommend! 

Sunday, 29 May 2016

On Sundays

As it is currently Bank Holiday we have gone back to the boyf's for the weekend. The first glasses of Pimms have been had, which essentially means it is nearly Summer! I hope you are all enjoying a nice Bank Holiday and here are some things I've been enjoying this week. 

We have recently started watching Taskmaster on Dave. Ohmyword, it is so funny. Greg Davies gets comedians to do completely stupid and ridiculous things. Definitely check it out! 

Speaking of programmes. In The Club on BBC. It's Series 2. Seriously, catch up and watch!

This video of Tube lines as People is also really funny. 

I've recently been lusting over all the jewellery on Oh My Clumsy Heart.

I had my eyebrows waxed by Benefit this week. As part of #BoldisBeautiful you get a free Gimme Brow with every pre-booked appointment in May! Hurry!

I've been reading a lot of articles about drinking more water. This was a great piece.

Some of these Nora Ephron quotes are priceless.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

On The Canal

On Sunday the boyf and I went for a walk along the canal. We managed to get some nice photos in before the rain started... in which we then got caught in quite a downpour and got lost in a field! In typical sod's law fashion, I had taken my umbrella out of my bag just before we left. However what we did learn from this? Stila Stay All Day Liner really does stay all day; my flicks did not budge! 


(p.s. This was not a post to promote Stila, just an amusing outcome!)

Monday, 23 May 2016

On Running

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have noticed some of the pictures of my morning runs. For those that know me, they could easily tell you I do not run. I dance, but I do not run. I will gym, but I will not run. 
However waaaay back in March, the boyf (who does Triathlon here at uni), wanted to sign up to a 10K. It was the Two Castles Run, from Warwick Castle to Kenilworth Castle. When he first mentioned it I paid no mind. Then at work one evening, a supervisor commented that she was thinking of doing it and had never before run in her life. 

So I thought why couldn't I do it? I had run of sorts before (to the gym, and back home again afterwards). 10K is only about 6 miles, so why couldn't I do it? 

Walking home the next day I said to the boyf that you know, maybe I could do the run as well. It's not really that far and I have plenty of time to start training.
So that's what I did! 

Today actually marked a breakthrough for me! I ran just over 10K! This is the furthest that I have ever run before and it wasn't too bad. I had had a week off due to a dodgy knee [it goes every now and then, like an old woman, both of my knees are a bit dodgy]. Last week and the week before I had really been struggling to do my average distance let alone increase it. 
But today I pushed through and ran over those 6 miles just to prove to myself that I could do it. 

I started training at the end of March/April time. I started slow at first, just doing about 2 miles. I was running every other day (which I still do now). I gradually increased this to 3 miles and tried to go a little faster each time. 
When I got back to uni, I started running along the canal (which is beautiful!) and had a much better idea of my distance and pace. I was doing about 4 miles (just over 6K) every other day. This was two weeks ago, when the knee suddenly went. Hayfever also decided to be that little bit worse (why wouldn't it??). So under instruction from the boyf, I took a week off.
And as this morning showed it really helped!! 

Now don't get me wrong. I am by no means an expert on anything running or exercise related. I know what works for me and what I can do (which is a lot more than I ever thought!) And I pretty much hate running whilst I'm doing it. Some days it's okay. Other days I hate it and wonder why I'm doing it to myself. But I love the results. My legs look better than ever; I'm losing a little bit of weight; my skin looks clearer (partly also due to the increased intake of water!); and I just kind of feel better in myself. I'm running and I'm doing it for me. 

The run itself is 12th June; three weeks away! And up until today I was not at all feeling prepped. But now I know that I can definitely do it, it's all about getting that better time and pushing myself a little bit harder. Which I know I definitely will. 

Let me know if you're a runner and are training or thinking of starting! 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

On Sundays

This weekend marks the end of nearly all of my degree! If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen that this week I've done two exams, handed in two long essays and my dissertation! With one exam to go the end is nigh! I hope your weeks have been productive and that you've had a relaxing weekend; here are some of the things I've been relaxing with this week. 

I read this article about two buildings in New York having a Post-It War. Some of the creations are amazing!

I bought two new hair masks the other day and cannot wait to try them! I got this Tresemme Oleo Radiance Creamy Moisturiser and the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Mask Pot. Both on offer right now!

I watched a whole load of these Nifty videos yesterday; love the Washi Tape Bookmarks!

After finally having the time to paint my nails I am loving Revlon - Fearless.

The boyf and I have been loving watching this guy's videos; he's Italian, called Gennaro, and is just so happy!

We have also been loving the half price frappes at Starbucks this week. The S'mores ones are so good. And today is the last day of half price! 

I really want this Paperchase notebook. (I almost bought it the other day when the boyf made me put it back; I will have it!)

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

On My Summer Beauty Wishlist

What with Summer slowly, slowly inching closer, I have been seeing a whole host of new beauty releases that I have been adding to my mental wishlist. With today as my deadline day (2 essays down, 1 Dissertation down!), I thought a great way to celeberate would be to compile all of these into one list for you! 
Just choosing which to actually buy (first...) is the next question...

Summer Beauty Wishlist

Summer Beauty Wishlist by superkarina5 

1. Everybody loves the Nars cult classic Orgasm. And this summer they are releasing a giant version of it! Available in their Covent Garden store from June (and online) I cannot wait for this to be released, especially with it's new detailing and packaging!

2. Mac's current summer-esque collection is Vibe Tribe; the packaging is quite a bit different from the standard black and of the products focus on brightening your look. I love this Glam Tones Powder in Dunes at Dusk. The colours are so pretty!

3. This Narsissit Cheek Studio looks incredible. I just want to play with it.

4. It isn't news that Benefit are re-launching their Brow range. With all new packaging I cannot wait until these aer released 24th June! Gimme Brow has always been on my wishlist but even more so now with the new packaging.

5. Brow Zings will soon come in way more shade colours! Really just another reason to buy it!

6. The Goof Proof Eye Brow Pencil, (complete with spoolie) will also come in a wide range of colours and this I really cannot wait to try.

7. The Cheekathon Palette. Less than £45 and all you could ever ask for from Benefit in terms of cheeks. 

I realise this was essentially a list for cheeks and brows...clearly I have my priorities set!


Sunday, 15 May 2016

On Sundays

Photo via Bloglovin' on Pinterest

This time next week I will only have one exam remaining and then I am finished with university! It's been a bit of a slog to power through these last few days, however visiting three different coffee shops has certainly helped! 
How has your week been? I hope more fun than mine! 
Meanwhile, here are a few things I've been enjoying from around the web.

My sister and I mean to do one of these every year. This year will be the year! (I'm definitely tempted by the make your own stationery one (p.s. did you see this?)

I really want to read this over the summer.

After reading this article, I now really want these (K obviously!)

The boyf and I watched this the other night. So cute.

Currently living in these shorts.

It was Eurovision last night!

Have a good Sunday!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

On Portico Stationery

I love stationery. I always find that the love of stationery is something that you either do or do not get; you already have 7 notebooks, why do you need another one just because it has pink and gold spots on it??? 
But stationery is something that can be really beautiful and inspire you to start a new project, or organise yourself or maybe even give it as a gift. Either way, stationery is not something that should be underrated. And with that in mind, I have discovered a new beautiful range! 
It's called Portico and has a whole host of items! And considering how lovely all of the products look, it isn't even that expensive! 

I've chosen a few of my favourite pieces below to get you inspired for some cheeky new stationery! 

Protico Stationery

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

On Topshop Spring Fashion

Topshop Spring Picks!

Topshop Spring Picks! by superkarina5 featuring Topshop

I have quite a love hate relationship with Topshop, but currently it is definitely a love one! They have got some really lovely items out for Spring currently; here are some of my favourites!

Topshop basic tshirt

Topshop tall tank

Topshop coat

Playsuit romper

Topshop clothing

Floral print romper

Playsuit romper

Topshop blue skirt

Tall skirt

Mini skirt

Sunday, 8 May 2016

On Sundays

After going out to dinner last night and falling asleep to the final of Masterchef, I did not take my make up off properly, meaning that I now have smudged and smeared lipstick over my wrists where I've wiped it off in the night. Please tell me I'm not alone in having done this? I know I won't be alone in saying that revision is  just not getting better, so here are a few things to help you have a relaxing start to Sunday whether you're revising or not!

It was the Met Gala on Monday; I mentioned my sort-of-underwhelmed state about the fashion. My sister agreed! What were your thoughts?

It's Vogue's Centenary year! I've started off my weekend reading through their gorgeous special edition with Kate Middleton on the cover. I have loved Vogue for many many years and my wardrobes are topped with my multiple stacks of them! 

This Princeton professor made a CV of all his failings (I feel mean saying that!). He listed all the academic placements that he did not get to show his pupils that not getting something isn't always a bad thing. 

Whilst trying to finish reading through my (36 page!!!) dissertation, my motivation started to wane. I bought this pouch/clutch as a treat to myself to power through. It's hand-made, limited edition, and I got one of the last two in stock! Not to mention it's beautiful!
(p.s. see it here too!)

Feel Unique has 15% off Benefit! (And other deals too!)

I recently bought these sandals and am already loving them!

Nyx is doing so well right now. Their Lip Lingerie range and their Soft Mattes have been my go-to lip products for months!

Labour's Sadiq Khan is sworn as London's new Mayor.

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

On The Met Gala 2016

Every year the Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts 'The Met Gala'; an annual fundraising event for the Costume Institute. Every year this means that on the first Monday of May we see dozens of glamorous red-carpet looks, all under one theme. This years theme was 'Manus x Machina: Fashion in the Age of Technology'; a theme that focused upon the ever growing debate as to whether Fashion counts as Art. 
This year however, I just feel a bit underwhelmed by the fashion. The make up saw some great looks but some of the fashion was just a bit too much or a little weird. Don't get me wrong; there were some gorgeous looks. Adriana Lima for one. Maybe my hopes were just too high this year!
Check out some of the looks below.

In a Marchesa gown, Oroton bag, and Giuseppe Zanotti Design heels.
In Erdem.
In Cindy Chao The Art Jewel Earrings
In Vera Wang.
Taylor Swift hits the 2016 Met Gala.
In Alexander McQueen.
In Giambattista Valli Haute Couture dress, Oscar de la Renta shoes, Roger Vivier handbag, and Chopard jewelry.
In Tory Burch.
In Calvin Klein and PHYNE by Paige Novick jewels.
Poppy Delevigne in Marchesa.
Juno Temple in Erdem.
Wendy Dong Murdoch.
Rita Ora in Vera Wang.
Emily Ratajkowski in Prabal Gurung.
Misty Copeland.
Taylor Swift.
Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen.
Adriana Lima in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture.
Mindy Kaling in Tory Burch.
Emma Watson in Calvin Klein.