Sunday, 8 May 2016

On Sundays

After going out to dinner last night and falling asleep to the final of Masterchef, I did not take my make up off properly, meaning that I now have smudged and smeared lipstick over my wrists where I've wiped it off in the night. Please tell me I'm not alone in having done this? I know I won't be alone in saying that revision is  just not getting better, so here are a few things to help you have a relaxing start to Sunday whether you're revising or not!

It was the Met Gala on Monday; I mentioned my sort-of-underwhelmed state about the fashion. My sister agreed! What were your thoughts?

It's Vogue's Centenary year! I've started off my weekend reading through their gorgeous special edition with Kate Middleton on the cover. I have loved Vogue for many many years and my wardrobes are topped with my multiple stacks of them! 

This Princeton professor made a CV of all his failings (I feel mean saying that!). He listed all the academic placements that he did not get to show his pupils that not getting something isn't always a bad thing. 

Whilst trying to finish reading through my (36 page!!!) dissertation, my motivation started to wane. I bought this pouch/clutch as a treat to myself to power through. It's hand-made, limited edition, and I got one of the last two in stock! Not to mention it's beautiful!
(p.s. see it here too!)

Feel Unique has 15% off Benefit! (And other deals too!)

I recently bought these sandals and am already loving them!

Nyx is doing so well right now. Their Lip Lingerie range and their Soft Mattes have been my go-to lip products for months!

Labour's Sadiq Khan is sworn as London's new Mayor.

Happy Sunday!