Thursday, 19 May 2016

On My Summer Beauty Wishlist

What with Summer slowly, slowly inching closer, I have been seeing a whole host of new beauty releases that I have been adding to my mental wishlist. With today as my deadline day (2 essays down, 1 Dissertation down!), I thought a great way to celeberate would be to compile all of these into one list for you! 
Just choosing which to actually buy (first...) is the next question...

Summer Beauty Wishlist

Summer Beauty Wishlist by superkarina5 

1. Everybody loves the Nars cult classic Orgasm. And this summer they are releasing a giant version of it! Available in their Covent Garden store from June (and online) I cannot wait for this to be released, especially with it's new detailing and packaging!

2. Mac's current summer-esque collection is Vibe Tribe; the packaging is quite a bit different from the standard black and of the products focus on brightening your look. I love this Glam Tones Powder in Dunes at Dusk. The colours are so pretty!

3. This Narsissit Cheek Studio looks incredible. I just want to play with it.

4. It isn't news that Benefit are re-launching their Brow range. With all new packaging I cannot wait until these aer released 24th June! Gimme Brow has always been on my wishlist but even more so now with the new packaging.

5. Brow Zings will soon come in way more shade colours! Really just another reason to buy it!

6. The Goof Proof Eye Brow Pencil, (complete with spoolie) will also come in a wide range of colours and this I really cannot wait to try.

7. The Cheekathon Palette. Less than £45 and all you could ever ask for from Benefit in terms of cheeks. 

I realise this was essentially a list for cheeks and brows...clearly I have my priorities set!