Saturday, 14 May 2016

On Portico Stationery

I love stationery. I always find that the love of stationery is something that you either do or do not get; you already have 7 notebooks, why do you need another one just because it has pink and gold spots on it??? 
But stationery is something that can be really beautiful and inspire you to start a new project, or organise yourself or maybe even give it as a gift. Either way, stationery is not something that should be underrated. And with that in mind, I have discovered a new beautiful range! 
It's called Portico and has a whole host of items! And considering how lovely all of the products look, it isn't even that expensive! 

I've chosen a few of my favourite pieces below to get you inspired for some cheeky new stationery! 

Protico Stationery