Tuesday, 31 May 2016

On The Drawing Board

Last Friday, the boyf finished his exams so we went our for some celebratory bevs. We then ended up heading the The Drawing Board for dinner. Completely unplanned by us, we gatecrashed the friends we were with and ended up having a really nice time! 

We all went for the above burger (boyf and I added bacon,of course!) which came with fries and beef and onion dripping sauce. It was all incredible! 

When I asked for Mayo this was what they brought me; how cute is it! 

As you can imagine, being called The Drawing Board, the place is full of cartoon strips, comic books and cool memorabilia. Yes those are Star Wars and Spiderman cushions. The place was done up to feel really homely, with a bar downstairs and a beer garden. 

Despite not having fully planned our trip here, it was a really nice night! They also have a humungous beverage lists; spirits, wines and beers galore. It took us ages just to decide what we were having. (Though some were a little on the pricey side). The food was amazing and the staff were all lovely as well. This place was fairly quiet for a Friday night so I would stop by before the crowds catch on! 

If you're in Leamington, I would definitely recommend! 

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