Sunday, 19 June 2016

On Sundays

Happy Sunday! Mother and I went to a family wedding yesterday and it was really lovely. We have now been running around all day trying to get things done just before I go back up to uni tomorrow. And then ... Boyf and I are off to Rome! We leave on Wednesday morning; keep your eyes peeled for Italian posts ;) 

I have hunted around EVERYWHERE this week for this Oliver Bonas make up bag (not including the three odd years I searched!). IT'S FINALLY IN STOCK!

Do you Thank Google? And say please?

Romeow - Rome's first cat cafe!

I really want these H&M bowls.

I've been really liking Jasmine Dowling's blog.

There's a live camera of the Trevi Fountain!

I'm loving Catfish and the Bottlemen's new single.

After a long weekend, I am happy for a night in!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

On London - PittCue

On Monday, Boyf and I had to head to London for various things. The weather was pretty horrendous all day (if you are ever in need of an umbrella bag, Liberty have them in their doorways!) and rained for most of the day leaving soggy feet! 
This did mean that we took refuge in a cute little pub called The Old Tea Warehouse (whilst I lusted over my cheeky Anthropologie sale purchase). This place is really nice just before the workday ends as it's cosy and quiet. 

We went to PittCue for dinner which is right by Aldgate station; we found it simply by google mapping restaurants in that area! We looked up the menu and it was a lot of things we had never had before (Onglot? Apparently beef steak; who knew!), but was still quite small. We thought it sounded different so ended up going there. 
We got there quite early (just before 6!) because of trains etc and had to wait for the kitchen to open. Their bar list is pretty decent; they have a lot of different beers but only in bottle of 2/3 pint, and a couple ciders. 

We both ended up going for specials, something which I had personally never done. Another first for me was that I ordered steak! Boyf ordered the lamb's neck. As with most places in London, you have to order sides separately, but which means they are about the same size as a starter. We shared a mashed potato with bone marrow and mushroom side. 

Oh my word.
This was honestly one of the best meals that either of us had ever had. They came quickly, were cooked perfectly and were just the right amount. The steak came with caramelised onions, and the lamb with courgettes. Both of which were so good, and I don't even like courgettes! 

If we had had more time we definitely would have had a starter and a dessert (or afters as I personally call it, much to most people's confusion), as they also sounded really good. But I cannot recommend this place enough! 
Price wise it wasn't too expensive, considering the quality of the food that we then had; what made it a bit cheaper was that we shared a starter as they were a decent size! If you are ever around the Aldgate area (think the Gherkin), or even if not, definitely try and go here! 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

On Blush

Happy Hump Day everyone! You may remember that I mentioned having given into temptation in a Sunday post and buying these two beauties. For some background: it was the week of my last exam. I'd been working all day in a Starbucks adjoined to a Sainsburys (Cookie Dough frappe if anyone was wondering). I was waiting for Boyf to finish cycling so that I could go home and really sort of reached the end of my tether. 
I needed something to power through! 

So I sneakily ordered these as soon as I got home... As I always say, there is a fine line between need and want. In my defense, FeelUnique had good deals going on.

I have had my eye on the Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushes for a long time and am yet to have seen a bad review about one of them. I kept seeing them crop up in people's favourites posts and realised that the time was right! When I went to order a lot of the shades were actually out of stock which made choosing a lot easier as all of the shades are beautiful! 
I eventually went with Gentle which really compliments my skin tone. It is actually not that disimilar in shade to Nars' Orgasm, but with a slightly more coral undetone. It also has a slight shimmer to it, which once blended onto the skin just helps to give you a really natural glow. This colour is perfect for just dabbing a little onto your cheeks to make you look really fresh and healthy. I am yet to deepen the colour... maybe with a tan!?

I then had to (yes had to...) get the oversize Nars Orgasm blush, which I have already mentioned so many times. And it is Limited Edition. And my standard version does have a fair dent in it. 
This one is maybe about twice the size of the standard version, and on the bottom of the mirror says #whatmakesyoublush. The packaging is also different and it comes with a plastic cover with the same photo on which I thought was a really nice touch. The mirror is a really decent size, and for any beauty lovers I just think this is a really nice but not completely extravagant purchase!

What have you bought that you probably shouldn't have?!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

On Sundays

Happy Sunday everyone! I have quite a few updates today! I had my last exam on Friday and have now completely finished my degree! Boyf and I then ran 10K this morning in the Two Castles Run; it was wet and cold but we did it! (I didn't beat my personal best, but I still did it!) Here are a few things I've been looking at this week:

This Blake Lively hair and make up how to. 

I went on a bit of a blush binge and got this and this (the Nars!)

This photo coincidence is insane!

I sort of, only partly, forced Boyf to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love last night. David Linghoggen! It's such a good film!

I'm really intrigued by this Candle Subscription Box.

I really like this dress; so many colours! 

We are going to try New Blood tonight; have you seen it yet?

Have a good week!

Friday, 10 June 2016

On Hammy Birthday! - OhhDeer Competition

Guys! If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have already seen that I entered into OhhDeer's Greeting Card Competition! I have always been creative (I almost did Art at university, believe it or not!) and this is hopefully a sign of exciting things to come. Watch this space!
In the meantime I would really appreciate it if you could vote for me!
You can vote here; check out all the entries as well. Some of them are really great! 

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

On Being British

Being firstly from London, and then having lived in mid-west America for a year, I have often posted about being British and Britishness.
Then today I share this 'Translation Chart' and had to share!

[Originally seen on Cup of Jo]

I am definitely guilty of these!

Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

On Sundays

Happy Sunday! This is my final Sunday of working and I'm really trying to power through. On Friday I will have finished my degree! We (read: boyf, whilst I lay in bed trying to revise) are barbequing today and the pork smells so good; I can't wait! 

This article on How Not To Be Alone was really interesting.

I am just about to finish watching Marcella. Did anyone else watch?!

This hamster video brought me so much happiness.

I also loved this video. So cute!

Even after Friends, Jennifer Aniston still looks good all the time.

Speaking of which, this guy spent a year looking for the real Ugly Naked Guy!

I'm really considering ordering an Erin Condren Life Planner...

I hope you had a lovely weekend!