Sunday, 12 June 2016

On Sundays

Happy Sunday everyone! I have quite a few updates today! I had my last exam on Friday and have now completely finished my degree! Boyf and I then ran 10K this morning in the Two Castles Run; it was wet and cold but we did it! (I didn't beat my personal best, but I still did it!) Here are a few things I've been looking at this week:

This Blake Lively hair and make up how to. 

I went on a bit of a blush binge and got this and this (the Nars!)

This photo coincidence is insane!

I sort of, only partly, forced Boyf to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love last night. David Linghoggen! It's such a good film!

I'm really intrigued by this Candle Subscription Box.

I really like this dress; so many colours! 

We are going to try New Blood tonight; have you seen it yet?

Have a good week!

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