Sunday, 1 May 2016

On Sundays

It was one of my best friend's birthdays on Friday and so we headed on out to Meatcure for dinner. The above was my burger, the New York New York and my word was it good. Chicken, pickle, sourkraut, mustard, pastrami, brioche; so good. Just looking back at that photo is making me hungry!
So my weekend definitely got off to a good start! We are going to watch Captain America: Civil War tonight. I am yet to have seen any of this Marvel franchise at the cinema before so I am excited! The boyf and I also got some really good looking burgers (again I know; don't judge) for dinner tonight which I cannot wait for!

How is it May already?! Let's remind ourselves of April.

Have you seen this cat? It's so photogenic it must know it. And so fluffy.

Speaking of cats, I would definitely vote for this one.

I am currently cutting out sugar [at least trying to!].
This definitely helped; do you have sugar face?

If you got caught up in all the hype of Lemonade, Beyonce's new visual album but don't really want to fork out the money for it, you can listen here on Radio 1!

I posted off my voting ballots for London Mayor and London Assembly yesterday. Make sure you're all prepped to vote!

Have a good weekend!