Thursday, 12 June 2014

Surviving Hayfever

I am currently taking sanctitude in my bed after venturing outside resulting in me feeling like I just laid down in a field; hayfever is hitting once again, and this year it's even harder than before.
I've suffered with hayfever since I was about 13 or so and prior to then I was one of those people that mocked those that couldn't sit on the grass at lunch time because their eyes were too itchy. Getting hayfever was definitely karma; all of those non-sufferers, beware!

So many people I know have been struggling with hayfever, and for us students, doing exams and revision with hayfever is another level of awful. Here some of the tips that I've recently been seeing and will definitely be trying out!

  • Tablets - Antihistamines can really work wonders; they might not get rid of the symptoms completely, but they will definitely keep them at bay. I actually get mine from the 99p shop; they may not be Piriton but they definitely work! 
  • Vaseline - Applying vaseline around your nostrils prevents pollen and allergens from actually entering your system thus preventing the annoyance of a stuffy nose. I am currently sitting here with a Rose-vaseline tinted nose (as depsite having minimum of 5 vaselines, I could only find 2 rose ones...)
  • Showers - Taking very regular showers, such as morning and evening everyday cleanses your skin by removing any allergens that may have gotten attracted to you.
  • Steam - Very common symptons of hayfever, mine definitely, are that of a Summer cold. Completely congested and stuffy, blocked nose, headache, itchy throat, the whole lot. By putting you head over a bowl of hot water with a towel around your head the steam can help to ease any congestion.
  • Be Smart - If grass or flowers really set your hayfever off, don't go near them! Try and stay to more paved areas if you go outside, or if your hayfever is really bad, avoid going outside. (Not saying become a hermit, but I definitely am one anyway!) Cats and other animals can also offset hayfever due to being similar allergens so be mindful of animals (this one I just can't do; I love my cats too much).
I hope that these help you with your hayfever, and with mine! Please let me know of any other ways you have found to keep the horrendousness at bay!