Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Top Ten Strangest Things About Moving Home

So just over two weeks ago I returned to England, for the first time in six months and this time I would not be returning to Madison, WI. The above picture is from my mini-trip to Sweden before coming home to meet up with some of my wonderful uni friends; it was a great transition before coming home so seemed apt for this transitional post!

1. The Fam. You are actually in the same living quarters as your family again. Of course this isn't a bad thing but you were used to not being there and they were used to you not being there. It all requires just a little adjusting. 

2. The Time Difference. This of course is not applicable to everyone but I am now six hours ahead of all my friends back in Madison and it is killing me; I haven't put my laptop back on UK time because it just makes me sad. 

3. The Routine. Is it just me or does anyone else have a completely different routine when they're at homehome? I become a full on middle aged woman who (enjoys!) spending her evenings with the likes of Phil Spencer and Kirstie Alsop.

4. The Routine Cont. It just doesn't seem legit to stay up until four in the morning making french toast sticks and doing shots of chocolate covered pretzel flavoured vodka and not getting up until gone twelve the next day when your Mother then asks you what you did that day. 

5. The Food. You kind of forget what it was like to have food around all the time. And cooking for more than just yourself. And having to tell someone whether or not you want dinner.

6. The People. I am currently in a very strange time in my life wherein most of my friends have graduated and have some semblance of a life plan; technically that is where I should be but I'm not leaving me to be very much aware that I am in a different scheme of life to most people around me. 

7. The Place. One Bill Bryson said that you can never go back home. And it's true, it really is. Romford is so small and the people are so, Romford. It's almost as if I've grown out of it, like a Tamagotchi. 

8. The Money. My thoughts of money when I'm at home revolve far more around saving it up for a new laptop, or the latest make up launch. Whereas these thoughts are only ever so slightly overshadowed by thoughts of needing money to eat and you know, live on when I'm not at home.

9. The Stuff. When you are away from your homehome for a year you forget just how much and what stuff you have. You accumulate things; it's a natural process. My room currently resembles something off of a day-time tv self-help programme where you wonder how on earth these people ever got into those states in the first place.

10. Yourself. Returning homehome is not something done by the same person that left. You return a different person. You're older, you're more grown up, you know yourself better. You changed, and not just because you're now tanned and have probable permanent throat damage. 

Have you ever moved back homehome? What did you find most strange?