Sunday, 12 July 2015

Current Obsession: Using Things Up

(Can you believe there is a Czech film called Empties?! This was the first thing that came up when I was perusing potential images for the top of this post; I couldn't not use it.)

Does anyone else sometimes go through this phase? Where you suddenly seem to an have an overwhelming need to try and use up every single product that you have open? Is it normal?
I think for me it began when I was roaming the States before I left. I was extremely concerned about the weight of my lugagge. When I moved out there I only had my hand lugagge and one big case; I left with an overflowing large case and a giant holdall that I had had to buy for the rest of my stuff. (I had a grand total of nearly 60kg; I had nightmares and constant anxiety about carting all of this stuff around).
Thus in attempt to lighten 'my load', I frantically tried to use up everything that I possibly could. Face wash, shower gel, shampoo, nail varnish base coats (Sorry No7, but you had gone gloopy), travel size body lotions (Thanks Ben for inevitably then squeezing out way more than I thought possible from that tube), etcetc. Although this probably all made minimal, if any difference at all, it made me feel a tiny bit more at ease.
And so since coming home it seems as if I have subconciously become obsessed with using up everything that I possibly can. I know we all find it pretty satisfying when we do in fact use up an entire concealer or finally let go of a mascara that we really should have stopped using a long time ago. But I am taking this to a whole new level, and using waaaay more of something than I need to in order to finish it quicker.

Here are then are the products that I have now used up or am in the process of!

Aromatherapy Associates - Rose Collection, Moisturiser, Cleanser, Face Mask
When trying to organise my ridiculous amount of stuff (still a work in progress), I discovered a sample size set of these. I do believe they came free from a magazine. I have since then encorporated the Renewing Rose Cleanser into my evening routine and the Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser. Am yet to try the Rose Face Mask, but so far the other products aren't too shabby. Only problem for me is that I am not fan of the rose scent. 

Micellar Cleansing Waters
Remeber when these suddenly emerged onto the scene and everyone instantly fell in love with them? Well I am still pretty much on that bandwagon. I took the Garnier one with me...and then brought the rest of it back. Only to then remember that I still have my original L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifying Micellar Solution. Awks. 

Soap&Glory Heel Genius Amazing Foot Cream Marvel
The smell of this always reminds me of first year; it was an integral part of my evening routine. Then that particular Heel Genius went a bit odd and only gave out greenish water... But this always comes in the giant Soap&Glory Christmas boxes and so I always have one lurking. This summer I am really trying to use it every night and actually put it to good use. Definitely seems to be keeping my feet looking fairly decent! 

Why is it we always end up with way more mascaras than we are ever going to use? I finally let my Maybelline The Falsies go. Definitely a repurchase needed (when I've used all the others up!) Currently trying to force myself into using the Physicians Formula Organic Wear mascara; you know the one that comes in that green leaf packaging. It's just really, meh. The brush is tiny and the mascara itself just doesn't really do anything. The love, sorry mascara, of my life, my trusty Lancome Hypnose is however on it's last legs. Not to mention Soap&Glory Thick and Fast; one of those is always lurking (see above for why). 

Preface: I have enough mositurisers to last a bloody lifetime. Currently working through Hollister Crescent Bay (which is in very different packaging to the current one, but the product itself seems to improve with age), Garnier Summer body; I have both light and deep. Deep?! What was I thinking?! And a Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Lotion which you can no longer even still get. Don't worry though, other than the really nice smell you're not missing much with that one. 

Believe me, I could carry on here. But I will let you some time to consider the products that you're trying to use up subconsciously!