Tuesday, 8 September 2015

While I've Been Away...

Don't worry everyone... I have not gotten a life. There are a few reasons as to why I have been absent from The Kazlight Anthem; most of them not through choice. 
So after having lived a long life (about five years), and suffering and surviving two complete deaths, my beloved laptop finally died. All I'm going to say is that some dodgy downloading on my part is what finally killed it, thus for a good few weeks I had no laptop. However I do have a brand new beautiful one! It's still a trusty ol' HP, but this time it's purple, fast, the battery actually works and it doesn't struggle to do ANYTHING. It is glorious. I'd forgotten what it was like to turn your laptop on and not have to wait twenty minutes whilst it restarted itself and finally got going. 

Secondly I have also been working pretty much full time. (B&M if anyone was wondering; more on that to come!) So I have barely even been at home to get any blog posts done. However working means money and money means shopping which means... haul posts? New make up posts? Yes, yes, yes. 

But just to catch you all up on the important things:
I may be back from Madison, but I am missing is tremendously. My life is just not quite the same without my table at Memorial Union or without seeing Bucky everywhere.
I go back to Warwick at the end of September for my fourth (and final!) year. 
But for now the summer of work continues!

Watch this space for some actual blog posts!