Monday, 16 December 2013

Bare Minerals Makeover

One of my closest friends, Emily, and I won a makeover at Bare Minerals and it was so good! the girl who did it was lovely and it felt so nice to have my make up done. We were both a bit worried about it as we weren't actually sure what it would entail.
All of the make up is so lovely though; it is a bit pricey but as the name suggests, it is all minerals. Even their eyeliners are a powder which you can mix up with water. It all feels so light and lovely on your skin; I didn't want to take it off! My skin looked really natural and I loved the eye make up.  I went for  an natural smokey eye which is what I tend to wear on a daily basis; I was so pleased with the end result!

Are you a Bare Minerals fan?