Sunday, 1 December 2013

A Day In the Life #2 || Birmingham Christmas Market and The Nutcracker!

So last weekend with the lovely dancing girls, (which if at any point I mention CMD (Classical and Modern Dance) that's who I mean) went for a trip to Birmingham to the Christmas Market and to then see Birmingham Royal Ballet's Nutcracker!
It was such a lovely day and everyone had a great time. The Market was sooo much bigger than I was expecting! I haven't ever been properly to Birmingham so it was all a new experience for me. ME and my lovely new friend Charlotte got some mulled wine in the most adorable cups (which we then kept!). We tried some tiny little pancakes (sadly my camera memory ran out at this point so no photos of them :( ). I had mine with vanilla and cherries with icing sugar on top; they were heavenly.
I absolutely adore watching ballet performances, a love which probably came partly from my sister as she always used to take to the Royal Opera House to see various performances. I had only previously seen Matthew Bourne's Nutcracker so was beyond excited to see a traditional version. I was by no means disappointed! Karla Doorbar played Clara, one of the main parts and she was amazing!.
The whole day was lovely and it made me feel really festive and excited for Christmas! I am now going to apologise for the picture heavy content coming up...which will have been cut down!

 Mulled Wine!

What are your plans for Christmas?

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