Sunday, 5 January 2014

Box Swap | 2013

That's right, my friend Emily and I went a did a box swap. And it was such a good idea! We both really loved what we got the other and so of course, as it was beauty related, I needed to blog about it. It is also a really good idea for birthdays or even Christmas (that's right, get organised for this year!)

Emily's Box:

For Emily I chose some products that I really love and wanted her to also love! I went with the MUA Undress Me palette, an Essie Mint Candy Apple dupe which was by Sinful Colours, the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Burt's Bees Mango Lip Balm and some of her favourite sweets: Percy Pigs.

I re-used a Glossy Box for Emily's box.
Sorry for the poor lighting here as well!

My Box:

Emily got me some lovely things; I was really pleased! Mine included some thermal socks, a lovely purple throw (so cosy!), a Barry M lipstick in 151; a beautiful red coral shade, a Glitter nail varnish, some earrings from River Island and the AMAZING L'Oreal Skin Perfection Water Cleanser. 

I hope this gives you some ideas for a box swap!