Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mid-Exam Blues

I wouldn't necessarily say that I am blue, but everyone at the moment is definitely feeling the pressure of exam season in its near-peak. With one exam down, and two to go, I am most definitely on the countdown for them to be over (two weeks yesterday at 5 and I am freeeee!).
With that aside, I thought during my break of incessant note making that I would share some things that have recently been getting me through the stress and boredom of revision, and also a list of things that I will most definitely be doing when I am finished.
If you have already finished your exams (or don't have any), please spare some thought for those of us who are students. Possibly send us some puppies and snacks as well.
  • This video which has been made to The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away will definitely lift some spirits; not to mention the song is great!
  • This post. The 50 Cutest Things That Have Ever Happened. Prepare to taste heaven. 
  • Bobble Bottles. More to come on this bad boy later, but trust me, you need one. (I have the pink, just sayin'). 
  • The Simpsons Tapped Out. Now, beware, this is addictive and I would only suggest it for those with copious amounts of self control; it is basically the Sims but with The Simpsons, or as I call it, The Simmpsons. You heard that here first. 
If you're still not feeling motivated or would just like some more happy thoughts, here are some things that I am counting down the days to do!
  1. Sleep in until whenever. No more getting up at 8 o'clock to start work!
  2. Watch stupid amounts of television (currently it's re-watching Friends and Gossip Girl...) without feeling any guilt at all about not working. 
  3. Go for a celebratory meal with mes amies and a tipple that won't have to be cheeky!
  4. Pimms. 'Nuff said. 
  5. Buying celebratory hoards(hords? hordes?) of Nars and Mac make-up as a treat to myself with Emily. My eyes are most definitely set and locked on Nars Sheer Glow and a Mac 266 Angled Brush. 
I hope that if you are mid-exam season that this has perked you up a little bit! (It certainly perked me up a bit; Immanuel Kant definitely needed blogging back in those days.) I wish you all good luckkkk! If you're not doing exams, you luckylucky people, I hope you just enjoyed this little post!
(I also apologise for the lack of posts recently...revision is my life right now. If that already wasn't clear...)

Happy working!

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