Friday, 30 May 2014

You Need This In Your Life...Bobble Bottles

I told you I would get back to these and I had to do it soon! When a friend of mine got one of these in sixth form we all mocked her for how ridiculous something such as a water bottle with a carbon filter was. However, I had never actually tried the water from these, and how I wish I had back then.
When my friends Will and Heather recently bought some they raved to me about them and made me try the water. Oh my; I think my exact words were 'It's like drinking from a fresh spring!'. I don't even care how sad or ridiculous that sounds.
The water from these things is SO GOOD. I do not think that I have ever drunk so much water in my entire life (or subsequently had to pee so much...)
Aside from just now drinking copious amounts of water, there are of course a lot of health benefits here. I have noticed that just within a week my skin has become a lot clearer and generally just looks that little bit better. Some people have also spoken of now sleeping better and generally feeling a lot better within themselves.

You can get the bottles from Tesco for £8 here plus filters when need be. (The bottle itself you don't need to replace, but the filters you need to around every 2 months.) If you read my previous post, you'll know that I have the pink one! I have my sights set on the blue next :)

Join the Bobble club and get one today!