Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Keeping Your S#!? Together

Last Wednesday I got back from a really great trip with Mother and my sister; we went from Madison to Vegas to San Francisco and then all departed our separate ways from there.
When I got back, nearly everyone I spoke to had had some sort of breakdown, or was on the verge of one. I was not exempt from this, despite just bobbing along in my little post-holiday ship, I was a mess waiting to happen. Mine happened yesterday (remember all those posts I made from my tablet because my laptop had died last year, twice? Well it's near-death yesterday elicited a twenty minute sob whislt cradling it in the union yesterday fifteen minutes before my second midterm of the day. My laptop and I have bene through more together than some couples, I swear).
And after then spending last night until the early hours doing literally nothing, other than talking with one of my best friends, and helping her with work every now and then, it occurred to me that sometimes we can't all just keep it together, all of the time.

But here is a list of some of the things that might help at least take your meltdown a peg or two!

- Tea. Obviously.

- Just stop. Stop whatever you are doing. Take a deep breath. Here I will quote Elliot from  Scrubs, 'Everything then just slows down.'

- If you know everything is about to overwhelm you, tell someone. But maybe try and find that one friend that isn't also on the verge of the same thing, because instead of lifting each other up, you will both more than likely bring each other down.

- Try and wear matching underwear. I'm telling you, when you suddenly remember that everything underneath matches, it makes your whole outlook on a life a whole lot better.

- Go to bed that little bit earlier. Turn everything off. And just sleep. Put some relaxing music on if need be; I know I cna't really sleep without music when there are 65659684736843 things going on in my mind all at once.

I don't know about you, but Spring Break is almost upon us here at Madison, and if I was back at home right now I would already be on my loong Easter break. So the end is nigh!

We can all get through these stressful times together!

p.s. I am not advocating that we should all just have a meltdown, but sometimes, as my Philosophy professor told me this week, it's perfectly normal to cry if you just need to cry!