Wednesday, 9 December 2015

How to Feel Better When You Feel S#!&

Photo credit to the boyf - doesn't St.Pauls look so pretty? Another way to lighten everyone's mood!

I think I have had one of the worst immune systems ever this term; I have been ill for probably about 85% of the time since late September. As we speak I am recovering from what we assume was the flu. 
Today was the first day in a while that I actually went outside and saw the sun and felt fresh air. It was very refreshing! However it is that time of the year where we can all feel a little run down, so here are a few of the things that can definitely make you feel better! 

- In the words of Chanel, 'If you're sad, add more lipstick.' I recently bought Revlon's Cherry Blossom and trialled it on Monday. Definitely made me look better even if I didn't feel it!

- Indulge in some of your favs - i.e. Pepsi Max Cherry, Mince Pies and HIMYM. Need I say more?

- Ring the fam. I rang Mother to just have a little whine about how I'm ill again, and to hear her respond with 'I can't believe you're ill. AGAIN'. 

- Get cosy. Put on those big jumpers and sweatpants you never wear anywhere else other than in bed. Cosy socks also, obvs! Or if possible, a onesie. I am currently chilling in my Moomin onesie; comfort and style right there.

- Nails. Doesn't painting your nails just always make you feel like you're nailing life?? I'm currently rocking Revlon Emerald City (velvet matte, just sayin'), as it's my Christmas tree nail varnish. Looks exactly like christmas trees, which does sound weird, but it's festive!
(And no I am not sponsored by Revlon here aha!)

- Watch a great loved, or new film. I watched What If last night when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself and lonely. And I loved it! It was so good; I definitely recommend. 

Hopefully these help you to feel better if you're feeling down or ill!
What do you do to make yourself feel better?

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