Monday, 28 December 2015

Kiko | Moon Dust Face Powder - Cosmic Starlets

I think that this is one of the most beautiful face powders I have ever seen. Kiko recently opened in my home town (!!) and when I first saw this I instantly fell in love with it.
It is one of Kiko's Illuminating face powders from their Cosmis Starlet range. The packaging of all of these products is also gorgeous; even the boxes feel lovely! The powder is set in a gorgeous octagonal red box and has a decent sized mirror inside. The powder is then surrounded by silver which just offsets the powder itself beautifully.
And then the feel of it. Oh my. It is so smooth and soft; it just glides onto the skin and sits perfectly. It feels so lovely just to touch, let alone wear! It then has a beautiful colour; this is in Mysterious Pink. It is kind of like part Nars Orgasm and and peach and MAc Vanilla Pigment but just looks beautiful on the skin. It's a baked powder so has that extremely soft and pigmented touch, so a little goes a long way! It's available in two shades, but this one is definitely my favourite. 
Even better, it's currently 30% off so is under £10! The whole collection is also limited so grab it whilst you can! You can get it here
All of this range looks beautiful, but I definitly think that this is a must have from the collection; if only just to look at!

What are your thoughts?