Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy 2016!

I am pretty much done with making New Year's Resolutions; I think this might be the first year in which I have not even considered making one. Because let's face it; they always either fail or are forgotten by mid-January. 
In one week, I will be turning the ripe of old age of 22 (please have Taylor Swift ready to play everyone). This is something that I am just about as ready to accept as the fact that I graduate this year and that maybe I can't handle getting horrifically drunk as well anymore. 
And so instead of making any big resolutions, I am just going to stick to plodding along as I always do. Can anybody say 'I'm on a very day-to-day basis' as well as me??

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you to everyone who keeps reading, and supporting The Kazlight Anthem, despite my (extremely) sporadic posting! It is all muchly appreciated.
Now go and have an early morning cheeky tipple, whilst I attempt to work on my dissyb (dissertation for those not in the know)