Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Good Feels

I have been sat at my desk working on the dissyb for many hours. My back hurts, my right shoulder (still) hurts and few words have been written. (Mucho of the reading has been done though, so really winning). However things are not all bad, despite there being shitty weather (could it just stop raining?), work and more work steadily looming, and the fact that I still haven't started the mountains of catch-up work I have (lolz). 
But here is a list of things that show the world is not all that bad! There is hope for us all! So grab some tea, have a cheeky little read and then have allll of the good feels.

1. Putting on the brand new cosy socks that you got for Christmas and they are JUST SO SOFT.

2. Wrapping a blanket around your knees that goes down to your ankles like an old lady, just because it's actually so warm.

3. Having tea in the mug that you really love but kind of forgot that you had and suddenly there it is in the cupboard.

4. Starting a fresh candle. Like a really good one, such a giant Yankee candle in one of your favourite smells. (Candy Cane Lane is burning as we speak).

5. Spontaneously getting a takeaway. If you haven't been thniking about it all day then it doesn't really count as unhealthy right? Yes.

6. Starting a new book that you've been wanting to start for ages and it then turning out just as you had hoped.

7. Getting a new pen for Christmas and it writing like a dream. GLIDE PEN GLIDE.

8. Signing up to Amazon Student (free 6 month trial obvs) and taking full advantage of the FREE same day shipping. Seriously. Madness.

9. Nail game being en pointe. 

10. Any sort of make up game being en pointe really. Brows. Eyes. Lips. Contour. Or just any life game being en pointe. I am currently nailing the oversized boyfriend hoodie and blanket look currently.

Don't you feel better? And besides; it's almost hump day!
What are your happy thoughts?

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