Friday, 8 January 2016

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

 Who can say that using anything by Elizabeth Arden doesn't make them feel sophisticated? Just saying the name alone makes me feel a little bit more like I have my life together. 
Like Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish set, Bioderma, Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream is one of those products that everyone raves about and never has a bad word to say about. And I, my friends, am no different. This stuff is amazing.
I'm not going to lie, I'm not really sure exactly what it is. I'm going to go with it's something along the lines of Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream... But it does work wonders, or should that be magic?

The first time I used it, I read the back that just says 'Apply liberally as often as necessary'; and I did. All over my face. It was, to say the least, not the best idea. I eventually learnt and honed in on where this stuff really works.
I am currently in that stage where I'm not ill, I don't have a cold, yet am having to blow my nose all the time. It's as if I am on a one-woman-mission to rid the world of all of its tissues. Anyway, we have all been here and know just how sore this makes our rosy noses. But not anymore my friends! Whack a dab of this on your nose at night, and the next morning it's asif a tissue never touched it. 

I also have a horrendous habit of picking the skin on my thumb; don't judge, we all have bad habits. And again, Eight Hour Cream on it and it's almost as good as new. (Except for lacking a bit of thumbprint...) 

And of course, it's probably the best, if not at least one of the best, lip balms that there is on this planet. (Rememebr when everyone kicked off at Tanya Burr for wearing it in the no-make up Children In Need campaign? That's how good we're talking here).  

Not to mention that that 7ml has lasted me the entirety of my time at university. And I'm a fourth year now. And it will see me out to graduation. And beyond. A little (and I mean little) really does go a long way with this stuff.

There is no reason why I wouldn't recommend this skin protectant cream, and you can get it here.

What are your thoughts?

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