Tuesday, 8 March 2016


It was pancake day. We went to my friend's flat for pancakes (savoury pork and mango ones which, were AMAZING, and I don't even like mango). On their notice board they had a list of what everyone had given up for lent and the weeks. As well as cute little drawings to move themselves along the timeline.
I thought this was a great idea and then realised that I hadn't planned to give anything up this year. Then the boyf said, 'You should give up Pepsi Max'
For anyone that knows me, then they will know of my love of Pepsi Max. If I get a meal deal, my beverage of choice will be Pepsi Max. If I have a beverage craving, it will be for Pepsi Max. If I'm re-using a bottle, it will be a Pepsi Max bottle.
To be fair, he had a point.
So I said, 'You should give up biscuits.'
To which he had the same response.
So together we have embarked on the struggle that is giving up something you indulge in maybe a bit too much for 40 days and 40 nights.

There have been the withdrawel symptons 10 days in. 
There was the relapse weekend following being up for 26 hours as a result of having to take the boyf to A&E. Only Pepsi Diet was available, which had to do. But it is NOT the same,
Some McDonald's diet coke also ended up in the mix.

Normally I give up everything sweet for lent, but seeing as I rarely eat sweet things now anyway, the Pepsi Max is definitely proving a greater struggle. (It also includes all fizzy drinks except for tonic; I was not giving up G&Ts, no sir). 

With 16 more days to go, we are over halfway!
If you've given up anything for Lent, we are in the struggle together!
(And maybe keep in mind the actual meaning as well, whether you're religious or not, it's about testing yourself and proving to yourself that maybe you don't actually need all these things. The test is even more real when the boyf writes on Pepsi Max bottle on your desk (see above) a line around the remaining liquid with the caption 'You better not go under the line'.)
Never has water tasted so good.

Have you given anything up for Lent?