Monday, 14 March 2016

On Mashed Suedes

Sometimes it's nice to just get away from everything for a little bit. 
Especially when there's good food and good company involved. 

Mashed Suedes is a really cute little cafe in north Leamington that we discovered a few weeks back. Their Full English is soso good; and the fried bread. Oh the friend bread! The staff are all really lovely in there and it is so tiny that it is always completely full. It has local art works all over the walls and is just so cute.
The mlkshakes also are so good. And how nice do they look?! Just the milk bottle itself is enough to make me want one, but then they taste so good as well. 

The weather finally looked up this weekend, and it seemed asif Winter might actually be done. The sun was out and I didn't need to wear my big coat. There is only one week left of term, and both of us had been feeling the remnants of the flu/cold for the past week so this was definitely something that we needed. 
Sometimes it's nice to jsut get awat from everything for a little bit.
Leave the work until the afternoon. Leave the reading until later. Leave the laptops behind.
Take pleasure instead from those around you and what's around you.

Where do you like to escape to?

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