Sunday, 4 January 2015

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

It is one week today until my 21st! I've decided I'm not going to age for a bit after that; I'm just going to take a break from it. Mother and I have also decided that we're going to do my birthday again in the Summer when all the Christmas stuff is finally out of the shops :')

- I have discovered that doing your own nail gems works much better if instead of putting them on the tips of your nails, you put them on the cuticles. They also look really pretty! Mother got me a nail gem wheel for Christmas and I am loving it! I have put on a white metaliccy holographic kinda base colour (great description Karina, well done) and then put silver ones on and then blue. They looked really good...before they came off!

- Using a douche (for those unsure what that is, it's a shower poof), to polish off body scrubs in the shower is really effective! It still scrubs but also just washes it off, leaving your skin feeling even softer. 

- Sticking with the bathing theme...I have really gotten into baths. I always want a bath when I don't have one and then when I'm home never fancy one, but since I've been home I have been loving them! I am loving using ten tonne of bath stuff in them, candles, a bit of music. So good!

- I've begun to clear through the piles of stuff in my room, mainly magazines and papers etc. I have been reading through Elle's Feminism Issue today and it's been so interesting. It has also motivated me to really get involved with promoting feminism. Equality between genders has always been a big issue for me personally; in an interview for a job working on elections in my first year, I was asked what I would like to make sure happens within the work force and everyone involved. My answer was that all genders were treated equally. The issue of 'lad-culture' is something that is huge within the UK and such an issue but one that it never really targeted.
Upon this, I think we should all rewatch, this amazing and powerful speech by Emma Watson at the UN last year:

But, more on this to come I'm sure!

- I discovered today that if you google 'Sunday blogging' on google images, I come up within the top five!I'm a top google result; how exciting is that!

I hope you have all had a lovely week and a good New Year!