Wednesday, 31 December 2014

I'm Staying in For NYE

This late night, poor quality, webcam photo depicts exactly what I shall be doing on New Year's Eve. I am not a fan of NYE, for a few a reasons, the two main ones being that there is far too much expectation to have a good time, and secondly fireworks. I am a like a cat; I don't like loud or sudden noises and fireworks terrify me. Thus, I am staying in with mother and my cats, La Quisha II as pictured above, and in my pyjamas for the whole time. 
Mother and I normally have our own little nibbles and of course a beverage; we're currently switching between Bailey's and Snowballs. With a bit of Prosecco thrown in at dinner. There will be absolutely nothing decent on telly and so we can catch up on all of the things which I missed whilst I was away. 

I will very much be glad to see the back of 2014. Going to Madison has kind of been a fresh start for me, and aside from meeting some really great people and having really great experiences, I feel that I have really start to come into my own much more.
And so I am very excited to welcome in 2015! It can only really bring great things. I'll be turning 21 (prepare yourself for my return Wisconsin!), going into my final year at university, hopefully sorting something out that resembles law in some way and a whole host of other jazz. 

So I hope you all have a good New Year, whatever you do. But if you do stay in, or have no plans and are feeling a bit rubbish about it, don't worry my friends, that's what I'm planning to do!

Happy New Year!