Sunday, 14 December 2014

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Let me first say that I am exhausted. I covered a three hour shift today which then turned out to be six hours as there were hardly any staff and it was so busy. Thus, I am in bed, in my pyjamas and could literally just pass out here.

- On a brighter, much brighter note, this time in 7 days, I will be homehome!!!!! Just 6 days until I leave; I cannot wait.
I leave next Saturday night and so have a night flight and get back into London around 8 in the morning. Bloody 8 on a Sunday morning! But I'll be homeeeeee. 

- It is finals week, which means that everyone is stressed out and just about ready to leave/lie down of the floor and just cry. I have two exams, a paper due and a project due, but as my year doesn't count, I'm not stressing too much and am just offering my assistance to anyone that wants it! It's nice to not be stressed, but  it's also not great seeing all of my friends really stressing themselves out. Hopefully this week goes quickly!

- MODA PRINT ISSUE. Omg guys. It's beautiful. The whole issue is just incredible, and I am so happy to have been a part of it. Everyone kept coming up to me and telling me how much they loved my article and how good and sassy I look in the photo! (It makes me feel like I would love to be working as a journalist or editor and then I end up questioning everything that I want to do with my life... )

- This time last year, I can remember vlogmas being the only thing that made me get up in the mornings. I was soso unhappy and I was counting down the hours until I could go home. My last night at uni last year, I actually worked the biggest event of the year for Bleinham Palace; Flavia and Lois Smith performed, and although I didn't meet Lois, he stood right in front of me as I tried not to drop my tray of drinks.
It's such a nice feeling to be looking forward to going home for reasons other than that I just needed to be away from uni for a while.I'm pretty sure I got myself chinese at three in the morning and ate it sobbing in my bed of relief that I was going home in a few hours. But not this year!

- And on that note, despite being surrounded by some of the greatest friends last year, I have met some really great people here at Madison! I have definitely found some friends for life here which is beyond anything I could have expected. (Shout out to my bambinos; they know who they are!) And it will be really weird to not see them for a while! Not to mention, my British lecturer who brought me a homemade mince pie. Life made. 

I hope you're having wonderful Decembers; I have Michael Buble on repeat. Of course.