Thursday, 4 December 2014

How I Got A Better Nights Sleep | Part 2

This wasn't intended to be a series or anything on The Kazlight Anthem, however my first post proved pretty popular, and as I was struggling to get to sleep last night, I realised that I have another solution to sleepless nights. (I was struggling so much I almost got right back out of bed to just whip out this post then and there!)

My mind is always going a few thousand miles a minute, literally there is so much going on in my mind, it's no wonder I get headaches so often. But then, as with a lot of people, as soon as I go to bed, all of those thoughts get faster, and worse, and I begin to worry about every little thing in my life, big or small and massively stress myself out.
A few weeks ago, this had gotten to the point where I was almost sobbing nearly every night because I was just stressing myself out so much. Then I just thought calm. Stop thinking. Just clear your mind. Now this is SO HARD to do.
 (As a taster, when I first start doing this, my thought process is as such: not thinking anything, but then that is something, does this mean I'm not doing it right, like I didn't do that blog post right, and my videos are pretty shoddy, and I'm basically useless at everything, and I'm so poor right now, can I afford dinner tomorrow? etc ...)
So instead of just that, I think calm, and then just track my breathing. I just think in, and, out,  and I keep this up until I drift off. And it's pretty good! In and out now tend to be my last thoughts (I think), as opposed to my continuous incompetent worries!

So if you have trouble turning your mind off at night, give this a go!

*Reasons as to why, again, I have been pretty absent from everything will be clear soon!*

I hope you all get better nights sleep!