Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Top Ten Things I Didn't Realise I Missed

1. Having access to a kitchen whenever I want. And a fridge. And cupboards full of food. And clean cutlery. And never-ending supplies of tea. 

2. A choice of 439673896 different shower gels. 

3. Supermarkets. Going round Sainsburys on a Sunday morning just cannot be topped by strolling around Walgreens or Fresh.

4. Just a bit of drizzle, as opposed to a full blow snowstorm and wind that feels like knives.

5. The date being written '30.12.14' 

6. People knowing what I mean when I say I go to Warwick.

7. People knowing what I mean when I say: cheeky, (well) jel, beverage/bev, Essex, s'alright, plait, roast dinner, full English, pounds, Celsius

8.  Plug sockets that can be turned off, and not having to use an adaptor.

9. Using google and it not being redirected automatically to an American site, especially bbc.co.uk

10. British adverts.