Sunday, 7 December 2014

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Let me just say this; I really do not like Sundays. At all. I mean, when I'm at home I do enjoy popping down the town with Mother, and god I love a roast dinner, but the general feeling of Sundays. I just do not like. Singing in a church choir for 5 years also gives you a very different perspective upon what you should be doing on Sundays. 

- You will all be pleased to know that Vlogmas on The Kazlight Anthem is on it's way! My voice is back! It was a joyous day on Friday when I woke up, and could finally speak again. So that means that I had to do a bit of vlogging :) I'm really excited to be finally uploading something again!

- On a not so bright work last night, whilst cleaning the friers, I burnt one of my fingers. Essentially it went straight into the oil, resulting on it being completely salved and bandaged up for the rest of the weekend. It's fine, just a little sore, so don't worry everyone!

- Tomorrow it is 12 days until I go home! I cannot wait. I am of course enjoying my time here at Madison, but after four months here, time back at home will definitely be appreciated. And a snuggle with my cats! Oh and proper British tea. Oooohmy yes.

- Thanksgiving - this was a completely wonderful time. I was in a wonderful place, with wonderful people. I will have a post dedicated solely to this coming up, but I really was so very thankful for a lot of things. (On the coach down to Chicago airport, an American lady who lives in London was complaining that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in England. Umm...)

- I also have some exciting posts coming up on Moda, which if you don't remember what that is, it is the life and style magazine on campus. The print issue also commes out this month in which I have the closing article; I literally cannot wait to see it!!!

P.S. How cool is this!?

I hope you have all had a lovely week!

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