Thursday, 18 December 2014

Stuck for Present Ideas? Give a Diary

One of the best birthday presents I received this year was a Moleskine diary (and a really amazing pen to match). I had never had one of these diaries before, but had always admired them from afar. They are gorgeous. They feel so nice. And the pages! Oh the pages; with a week to your left and a lined page to make notes to your right, what more could you want?
Oh that's right. Tabbed pages. Yesyes, these have tabbed pages which you can customise at the back. AND. Stickers. They come with stickers. rehgiaerhgaiowg. (I am a known sticker fiend...)
AND. It has lined pages at the back, for you know, all your lined page needs.
AND. It has a little wallety folder kinda thing at the back, after the tabbed pages, and where those glorious stickers are contained.
AND, It has a year calendar at the front.
AND. It has a whole host of list pages at the front, where you can note down your events, birthdays and travels.
Oh yes.
A range of colours. Done.
A bookmark. Done.
A elastic thingy to keep it shut. Done.

If I haven;t just sold you a Moleskine diary, I don't know what will...OH yes, other than they amke great presents! Diaries are those things which you know you need but you never really want to fork out the money for yourself because you want a really nice one...
Hence give them as a gift! These are practical and amazing, and then it means that the receiver of your really thought-out gift will already be prepared for the new year!

You can get Moleskine diaries in a lot of places, (but Paperchase do 10% student discount ;)  )

Would you like to receive a Diary as a gift?