Monday, 22 December 2014

Soap&Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub | An Ode To Products at Home

Now that I am actually back at home, this piece seems easier to do and I am reunited with all of my products and stuff! I have a whole basket full of just beauty/body/hair products and it's so exciting to be rediscovering things.
I adore this product, mainly because of the smell. It smells just like sweets and kinda makes me wanna just eat it with a spoon ... it's limey and sweet and just sooo good. The product itself is also amazing; it's one of those scrubs that has the right amount of scrubby bits; not to mention the the general consistency of it makes it so easy to use. It's thick and works as soon as you apply it to your skin, leaving it feeling gorgeously smooth. It isn't too harsh so you can use it every few days as it doesn't aggravate sensitive skin or leave your skin feeling a bit raw. It has the perfect balance of the aforementioned scrubby bits to be used on a regualr enough basis to keep your skin from being any kind of scaley!

You will note that the above picture is of the older packaging; this is the particular version which I have almost used up (a little goes a long way!) and I much prefer the entire old packaging collection of all Soap&Glory products and thus am refusing to accept the new packaging. But for those not living in the past, the new version is thus:

You can get it here for £8.00 or here for $25. (Note that S&G is waaaaaay more expensive in the US!)

Have you tried this product?