Friday, 5 December 2014


'Tis the season to be bloggy, falalalalala!

Hellohello Bambinos; it's been a while, again, I know. But I have good reason! As I said previously I went to New Jersey for Thanksgiving (a really nice part, don't worry!) and I mentioned that I may vlog...this did not in fact happen. When we got there, it was so lovely and nice and relaxing and warm and cosy, and a whole host of other things that I was just enjoying doing nothing too much to then vlog. I was also really enjoying having a break from the internet; I didn't even watch any youtube videos! (Except some cheeky SacconneJolys!) And so I did not vlog, or blog and only tweeted really happy emojis. 
But not to fear...with 15 days to go until I am homehome, I am back with Christmas music gearing me on! I have blog posts aplenty planned!

In relation to youtube...all of this week I have had no voice at all. It has been a struggle to participate in my classes. I had to get one girl to read out an announcement for me. And when discussing my final canvas with my painting tutor, it basically consisted of me pointing and nodding. Thus I have been completely unable to film, but my voice is croaking it's way back and hopefully a new video shall be with you all soon!

With all of that being said...Blogmas! I am not saying that I am fully committing to blogging every single day, but I will be blogging whenever I possibly can! 
I will now leave you all with this little anecdote to lighten your cold Fridays and make you feel better about yourselves:
When walking home yesterday a mormon stopped me and asked me 'Are you struggling today?' (It's quite common around here that they will talk to you, and they are always lovely!) Of course, I had no voice, and of course, I'm always struggling, so I just mouthed yes at him and ran off. #winning ... 

Eat some mince pies and whack on the Michael Buble Christmas Album!