Monday, 20 October 2014

How I Got a Better Nights Sleep

Whenever I was waking up over the past few weeks, my back would hurt soo much. I felt like an old woman as I rolled, and I mean rolled, out of bed. I would then sit at my desk rolling my shoulders and doing all of those stretches you do to click your back. And it was bloody annoying, let me tell you. 
Then one night I just moved my pillows slightly so that  one wasn't completely on top of the other...and to my amazement, the next morning my back did not hurt! I then completely removed the second pillow and my sleep and back were so grateful for it. I have always needed two pillows to sleep and I thought that that was now how I was going to live the rest of my life to be perfectly honest. But now I know the error of my ways! One pillow is definitely the way to go! 
So if you're having sleeping troubles or back troubles like the old woman I am, then try switching up your pillows! 

As a side note, I used the above picture as whilst I was searching for good pictures of people asleep and pillows (I can't take allll my photos!), pictures of sleeping cats just kept coming up! So I had to go with this one!

Let me know if this helps you!