Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Homecoming Parade! | New Vlog!

Last week was Homecoming, which I think essentially means alumni come back to campus; I don't reeeeally know tbh though let's face it. So on the Friday there was the Homecoming Parade which Deja, Elena and I go to in my new vlog!
We went to dinner at The Old Fashioned (see above burger!) and then watched the parade. It was a really fun night and we got 'Sconnie' (the term for people from Wisconsin) crowns! Deja and I were loving life.
I also tried my first laffy taffy; banana flavour. Good stuff! Not to mention I love the name :)

For those of you (spoiler alert!) confused by the dying turtle at the end....the Homecoming game was between Wisconsin Badgers and Maryland Terrapins. We thrashed them don't worry, but there were a lot of worse-for-wear looking terrapins in the parade!

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