Sunday, 12 October 2014

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Easy Like Sunday Blogging #2

Easy Like Sunday Blogging #2 by superkarina5 featuring tea cups

I cannot believe a week has already passed since I last did this post! I'm hoping you can tell I have upped the ante with the post...and made a banner for this one ;) (Oooh get me trying to be all fancy; emphasis on the trying!) 

  • If you watched my latest haul, then you will have seen me having a little ramble about Michelle Obama and seeing her speak! It really was so inspiring and I am so glad I got the opportunity to go.
  • I really feel the need to share just how nice people have been to me this week; I have genuinely felt so overwhelmed by it all.
    Firstly, when I was struggling to pay for a hot beverage; (I was trying to count out $4 in change, literally out of ten tonne of coins) a girl then just paid for it! It was such a beautiful moment; I could have cried.
  • The same day, as I already mentioned in this post, a lady gave Deja and I free tickets to the musical Once. They were great seats and she wanted nothing for them!
  • And then yesterday, in between working the earliest shift possible and the latest shift possible, a girl from the first floor (who I do know!) came to my room and said she'd got me a gift because she saw it and thought of me. It was a really cute mug :) I was so touched!
  • People this week realy have been soso nice and it has made me feel not only welcome but really as if I'm at home here. I couldn't be more thankful for not only all of these lovely people I have mentioned, but also everyone that I have met here.
  • If you follow my instagram, then you will have seen that my few Zoella things finally came! I'm sure I will be posting about them at some point. I really like the look of all of the products and will definitely be looking into trying more of them when I'm back in the UK.
  • I recently really started to enjoy Gabriella's videos. I am really loving her vlogtober; she's such a really nice and down to earth person. And I love hearing all the English accents now; I have a new found appreciation!
    Speaking of youtube, I have also been looooving the SacconneJolys. They are all so cute and lovely and funny; not to mention all of their dogs are like a stampede! They really make me happy to watch them :)
  • As a side note, the scarf in the picture above is one that I have been lusting after ever since FleurDeForce mentioned it in a favourites video. I need it in my life...but it's sold out both in the UK and the US!!!! Whyy!!
Essentially, this post has mainly been what's really made me happy this week and just how lovely people have been!
I hope you've all had good weeks!