Monday, 13 October 2014

Top Ten Posts | 100th Post!

Top Ten Posts | 100th Post!

Top Ten Posts | 100th Post! by superkarina5 featuring star wall art

I can't quite believe that I am saying this...but yes this is my 100th post on The Kazlight Anthem! My little space on the internet; my escape from the world really has grown into something right before my eyes! If I could share the cakes above with you all I would...but instead I am going to share with you my top ten posts that I have done since starting my blog :)

  1. Autumn Favourites 2013 - this was my first ever post. I would probably still stand by all of these products!
  2. Call That Crafty #1 | Button Initals - 2013 - I loved making this post; there are some great supermacro shots on there ;) Not to mention this was when Blogger failed at photo layout...awks
  3. Party Season Make Up - 2013 - this was my first tutorial like post. It took me absolutely days! I worked so hard on it and was really proud of it. Would also still wear this look!
  4. Mother Proof Beauty Rules - 2014 - again, this was another post I spent a lot of time on. I researched great beauty tips for days; and these will never get old!
  5. Ted Baker S/S14 - 2014 - I really liked this post as all of the clothes in the photos were gorgeous! And I felt like I pushed the boat out with my content here!
  6. The #NoMakeUpSelfie Campaign - 2014 - I'm just really happy I blogged about this. 
  7. The Slogan Tee - 2014 - this was a post I was really anxious about putting up; using myself as a model I felt really self-conscious about it. But it got loads of great feedback!
  8. The British Tag- 2014 - I explained in the post why I felt so awkward about doing this...but I finally did it!
  9. Becoming a Badger | The Beginning - 2014 - I really love all of the photos I used in this post, and I'm so happy I'm getting to share this adventure I'm on with you all!
  10. Current Face - 2014 - I just really enjoyed doing this post; despite the photo fail...

I hope that you enjoy going back through the archives of my blog with some of my favourite posts! Thank you to everyone who follows and supports my blog; I really appreciate it and love you all!