Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dinner for Breakfast

When one of your flatmates suggests going to a place on State Street that serves dinner for breakfast, obviously my answer was going to be yes!!! 
So this is where we went on Friday night, to Short Stack Eats. And it was soooo good. The place had a lovely atmosphere, as the tables were all decorated with old postcards and letters which was a really lovely touch. Your sign to show you had ordered was also the bent number plate which was an unusual feature and something I've never seen before. (I say that like I'm some big restraunteur...or something...haha I'm not.) 

One of their most unique features is that they do a 'Blind Special' in which you don't ask what it is or even have any idea what it is, but you pay half price and just await your food! Deja and David braved their dish...and got chocolate and banana pancakes. Not too shabby! I was tempted however the possibility that it might have been 'Biscuit with Gravy' was just too risky. 

Angoli and I went with sourdough French Toast. It came with heavenly mascarpone. The whole thing was sososo good; despite the fact I gave all my berries away. It was so yummy! It was also such a lovely night out :)

As a cheeky little bonus and sneak peek of the rest of the night, here is a photo of me loving life at a frat house...
The frat life is definitely for me!
(And my eyeliner game that night was so en pointe!)

Would you have dinner for breakfast?