Thursday, 2 October 2014

Mint Jalapeno Jam

That's right my friends, This is what I was eating in my The British Tag video, which if you haven't seen, click here to watch that bad boy. But yes this is my Mint Jalapeno Jam!
Now I know some of you may be thinking this sounds absolutely disgusting. However, my American flatmates here, everytime I said how mint jam is so weird, would reply with 'That is not weird! It's completely normal!' ...
Not in England my friends!

I picked this up at the local Farmer's Market here and when I first saw it weeks ago, I just thought that it sounded so gross it must be delicious, otherwise who would eat that??? And I am so glad I got it! The smell is if you ignore that, spread it on some bread and enjoy!

I'm quite sad I can't readily share this with everyone, but next time you see some, definitely try it! I promise, it will taste better than you're expecting. (But it does have a kick!)

Would you try this jam?