Sunday, 26 October 2014

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Easy Like Sunday Blogging by superkarina5 featuring Nearly Natural

So another week has flown by and we are nearly at the end of October! Somebody said the other day that it's only 9 Fridays until Christmas; madness!!

  • This week has been Homecoming; this is something which we don't have back in the UK and the excitement for it is something that is a little bit overwhelming! Wisconsin thrashed Maryland at the game though (!!) aaaand Deja and I went to the parade which was a lot of fun! I also vlogged that day...stay tuned!

  • I have been loving fishtail plaits recently. I have finally mastered doing them! It is all in the thin strands; previously I had been using far too big strands resulting in just odd looking normal plaits. Now I just need to perfect them.

  • So have you seen my new video yet? It's my Autumn Make Up Routine and I'm really happy with it. It's my first video where I've tried not only a different thing, but also different filming and technical apects. Please go and watch it, like and subscribe as well! It would mean so much to me!

  • Speaking of youtube is currently not working properly for me. Which is a complete pain. Basically, any video which I have never watched before just does not load. Apparently this is a common problem at the moment and dates back to February and is stll unresolved. A large chunk of my life revolves around youtube so if anyone has any ideas of how to solve this, please share!!!

  • Tonight we watched Hocus Pocus. I had never seen it before; seeing as Halloween is muchmuch bigger over here than back home, it was really nice to take part in a kind of tradition. Watching really bad children's films with hot chocolate!

I hope you have all had wonderful weeks and are getting your Halloween costumes ready! I'm thinking of going as my girl Taylor...more on her NEW ALBUM tomorrow!