Sunday, 5 October 2014

Easy Like Sunday Blogging*

As you might have guessed, I am hoping that this will be my new Sunday post! Although I blog on most days, I'm not always actually talking about things that I've done, so I thought that I would start catching you up on my week every Sunday. 
Essentially I'm just going to ramble on a bit more than normal every Sunday from now on, hopefully!

  • I had my first midterm this week. That's right, I've already had an exam. Madness! If I was still back at homehome, I would only have just started back at uni this week! It's crazy how different the system is over here.
  • We went to the Mall yesterday (after I had a complete mare with work...) and it was soo nice. Damage was most certainly done. Like a true UK blogger/youtuber I had quite a moment in Bath&BodyWorks. Their candles are absolutely gorgeous! And I of course had to get the 5 for $5 hand sanitisers; they smell so damn good! I also picked up a really cute little tray and my absolute all time favourite lip balm/hand cream. It's by a company called Bigelow and I first got it in New York years ago. There was an incident with a sink of sand with that one however...and I hadn't seen it anywhere since! So obvs, had to pick that bad boy up!
  • Some really exciting news...Moda is the lifestyle magazine here on campus that's student run. And I'm writing a piece for the fashion section of the print issue! I don't want to give anymore about it away...but I'm really excited! You can check the magazine out online here. I'm also working on a make up/art stay tuned for more info!
  • I have two new videos in the mix at the moment. Both of them have been quite a while in the making; one simply because I've just been a bit lazy, but one because that's the nature of the project!
    I'm hoping to get them edited and uploaded pretty soon but I'm really excited for you all to see them! If you also have some suggestions of videos you'd like to see I am definitely open to them!
  • This next thing is a kind of shameful favourite...shameful in the sense that I am a little reluctant to say that I am really loving this at the moment. In Charlotte Russe at the mall yesterday this song came on (we at least think it was this one!) and having now found it on youtube I am really loving it. It's Someone Else by Miley Cyrus, and I'm not a big fan of Miley herself but her Bangerz album is actually a lot better than I was expecting! So all presumptions I made, I have retracted! Listen here and share in my new song obsession!
  • I have also just discovered Polyvore. So.Good. Go, sign up now and waste hours of time. Sorry, it's not wasting time at all

*Originally this was posted under a different name. However when a friend of mine suggested this title, I had to change it!

I hope that you have all had a lovely week! Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, and what you've been up to this week :)