Saturday, 18 October 2014

Gone Girl

Firstly let me just say some opening words about my lack of blogging for the past couple of days...If you follow me on twitter then you will know that I couldn't blog one day this week due to being bed bound with one of the worst headaches I have ever had. Pills did not help! Everything just got very hectic and busy and I didn't want to rush out some half-hearted post so...I am back today in the blogger's seat!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I read this book in the summer of 2013 and absolutely loved it...apart from the ending. Which just kind of, ended. I'm not going to give anything away (spoilers and being sticky are two things I absolutely cannotcannotcannot bare). 
Last night I went and saw the film which I had been really looking forward to seeing. And I was not disappointed! I had heard a couple of people say that they were disappointed, however most of the people I have heard say this have not read the book so I think maybe that is an underlying issue here! 

I'm sure we all know the storyline by now. Nick's wife Amy Dunne goes missing on their annversary. As the search and the film progress, Nick becomes more and more seemingly suspicious to the police, yet he didn't do anything. So what did happen? 
And that's where I shall leave you hanging on the plot...

I thought that the film had been really well done. Rosamund Pike played the part of Amy soso well; on a whoooole other scale from her part in An Education! I never realised just how talented an actress she is! I did feel that she comes across a lot more...psychotic in the film than in the book as you obviously gain a lot more from thoughts in the book. Ben Affleck I thought as well was really good, and I can't even remember the last thing I saw him in. 
My one main difference between the book and the film was that I found the film to carry on a lot more at the end than the book does. And so I felt that the film had a much more satisfactory ending! 
I do feel that it works better as a film if you have read the book. I feel that it is just much more comprehensive; not to mention the book is soso gripping! 

Overall; if you can read the book before the film stops showing and then see it. Do that. I assure you, it will make the whole experience even better. Definitely recommending both of these! Also get some rootbeer with butterscotch in it; it is the best beverage to have at the cinema!

Have you seen the film? Or read the book? Your thoughts?