Thursday, 23 October 2014

Maybelline The Falsies

I have had this post on the back burner for quite a while...I really wanted to give this mascara a really good and proper review. We, bloggers, youtubers, everyone, alike all know that this is Tanya Burr's favourite mascara and although that is credit enough to it, I feel like when a big name blogger like Tanya expresses these kinds of views you then tend to only ever hear that that's why people love something.
Now don't get me wrong...I bought it because if Tanya Burr loves it, it's not going to be bad is it?!

I only brought to the States with me my Lancome hypnose mascara which I adore, but I felt like I needed a 'drug store' version to use for more everyday. So I thought I'd give The Falsies a go; I got them in 'Black Drama' which I think just means they are a bit blacker than the original ones.

The brush is a bristle applicator and not plastic and the wand does have a little bend to it if you really work it. At first I wasn't quite liking the way the brush works and it came across a little clumpy. However after getting used to it, and using it everyday for weeks...I do love it. It makes my lashes look much longer and they are definitely thicker and blacker.
The only issue which I have with it, which has remained despite my thinking that it would go away after I perfected my technique, is that it is a bit clumpy. On one of my eyes, my eyelashes are a bit weird and overlap in odd angles (I know; and I'm sure you're imagining this a lot worse!) So it may just be because of my eyelashes, but as long as you know how to work the clumpier looking lash, then it's fine. And it is worth the length this gives you, without being spidery!

So overall I would definitely recommend The Falsies. It reminds me of Max Factor's Falsh Lash Effect, that I loved throughout my teens, but this is most definitely better!

You can get Maybelline (Volum' Express) The Falsies at Walgreens here for $7.79 or at Boots here for £7.99.

Are you a Falsies fan?
(Falsies has started to sound so weird after writing this!)