Friday, 31 October 2014

A Hundred Happy Things | Part 1

A Hundred Happy Things | Part 1

A Hundred Happy Things | Part 1 by superkarina5 featuring a cat mug

I took this idea from Follow Your Arrow, a blog that I've been loving recently and really loved this idea about posting 100 things which make you happy. Not only is this a great thing to share, but I feel it will also make you appreciate all these things even more in your life!

1. Tea. I love tea. A good cup of tea always makes everything better.

2. A good book, or just books in general. I love having them around me and always love to read.

3. Scarves. I  nearly always have a scarf on in some form; they make all the difference when it's cold! I own so many as well, it's ridiculous.

4. Candles. I looooove candles; especially Yankee ones! They make a room smell so good, look lovely, and add a really nice cosy and homey feel.

5. Eyeliner. I love my eyeliner, especially cat flicks. And when they go well, and both eyes are even, you know it's going to be a good day!

6. Cats. Need I say more?

7.  Cosy socks! Having socks on also makes all the difference when you're cold! And especially if you whack on some realy cosy socks.

8. I absolutely love when you take something to the till, and then it's cheaper than you were expecting. That is one of the best feelings!

9. Waking up and thinking it's Monday...and it's Saturday.

10. Not having to wash my hair. When it's the days in between hair wash days - yesss!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do your own and share your 100 happy things!