Sunday, 2 November 2014

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Easy Like Sunday Blogging

Easy Like Sunday Blogging by superkarina5 featuring halloween pumpkin lanterns

I cannot believe that it's already November! October literally flew by; it really isn't long until Christmas now, or until I'll be homehome!

- I really feel that I have upped my video game this week! I was really happy with my Autumn Hair Styles video; especialy with the fact that I have made myself an end screen! I know for some of you this won't be interesting or exciting but it really was for me! I am so proud of what I am doing on youtube; and I don't care how sad that sounds.

- My first Halloween in the States was really something! We went out for actual Halloween night and then for Freakfest last night. I have vlogged the whole experience here. It was a lot of fun with some really great friends and I'm actually quite sad it's over!

- 1989. Need I say more really?

- I'm really happy with my artwork at the moment. I still have a second painting video to edit and upload, but it's my third one that I'm really excited about. I am really liking how it's looking right now and am really excited for it to not only be finished, but for all of you to see!

- Mother booked my flights home this week! I always knew that I'd be going homehome for Christmas, but having the flights actually booked is a really nice and comforting thought. I don't want to wish my time away here at all, but I can't wait to go home!

I hope you have all had lovely weeks and a grea Halloween! I hope that your first week of November is also great!