Monday, 17 November 2014

The Body Shop Camomile (Silky) Cleansing Oil | An Ode to Products at Home

Obviously given the title...these are products that I do not have here with me, thus I will not be using photos of the products, as I cannot photograph something I do not have! But really, this works better as then you don't need to deal with my shoddy lighting. 

This is a new feature that I've been planning for a while, seeing as there are a LOT of products from home that I miss. These aren't necessarily products that I can't get over here in the States, but they're just those which I know I have back at homehome and it makes me sad I can't use them. 

So today, for the first installment, I bring you The Body Shop's Camomile (everytime I write this I think I've spelt it wrong) Silky Cleansing Oil. This product is bloody good. Literally, amazing. It gets rid of all your make up so well and so quickly, it cleans your face so well and so quickly, it rinses off so well and so quickly...get my point? It's only £10, and I had been using this pretty much every day for months and am only about a third of the bottle down. You only need a little and it really goes a long way!
As it's The Body Shop, you know that you're getting a product that will be really kind to the skin and this most definitely is. I cannot recommend this product enough! 

You can get your hands on this wonder product here for $18; because I'm in America, America likes to redirect me on pretty much every website I use to the American version (mutters annoyances under breath). But it is definitely £10 in the UK here!

Have you tried this? If not...why not?!